San Marco Suite 755 opens up to new technologies: the comfort of a suite in the heart of Venice

MJH Hospitality Group introduces a new trend at the San Marco Suite 755: Alexa Smart Properties; a simple, immediate and different way to communicate with guests.

The system allows guests to turn to the voice assistant to listen to music, ask for information about the property, advice on activities, restaurants, weather, experiences in Venice and many other skills. A personalised offer, a virtual concierge that does not replace the relationship and contact with the structure’s staff, but becomes a support to improve operational efficiency and above all the guest experience.

All this, of course, while respecting privacy, in fact the microphone is automatically switched off and there is no need to connect your Amazon account.

Over the years, the San Marco Suite 755 has adopted other technologies to support the guest, increasing popularity and reputation.

Online check-in speeds up the entrance to the facility, gaining more time to dedicate to the guest, while at the same time reducing the time spent at the reception.

The access code. To open the door, simply enter your personal code on the entry keypad. This system allows to have full control over your stay.

The web app Hech Romeo. A Digital Room Directory accessible by scanning the QR code with your smartphone or by clicking on a link. After saving the page, it is always available for consultation, providing you with all the information at your fingertips and in your pocket.

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