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My Jesolo Hotels (MJH) Hospitality Group, a family business in the hands of the two founding partners, husband and wife Alessandra De Faveri and Massimiliano Schiavon, was born in 1993 with the purchase of the first tourist accommodation.

In 2014, with the acquisition of four more accommodation units (hotels and apartment complexes), the company took on its current form, based on an innovative vision of the administrative-economic management of the hospitality industry.

Neither partner is directly involved in management, and the overlap between business and family is limited to those aspects most beneficial to the quality of the customer experience.

The "know-how and reputation of the family" guide the management of guest care, operations and management processes, without affecting the development and growth of the company.

Our values

Our mission is hospitality: to offer and guarantee the same services to all our guests, offering the possibility of accessing the services of another establishment that belongs to the group but is different from the one where the guest spends his stay.


Listening is the ability to recognize the signals that surround us: it means being receptive to all stimuli from the environment and recognizing even the finest nuances. A fundamental value to be able to constantly improve and meet all the needs of our guests.


Our daily actions are characterized by quality and transparency; Values ​​that we consider fundamental and that form the basis of our idea of ​​hospitality.


For us it is necessary to look into the future in order to anticipate changes and trends in the hotel industry.


Twenty years of experience in the industry have translated “know-how” and “reputation” into the Group’s management processes, guest relations and operations.

Some data about us

Our strength is to increase growth without compromising the need for resources.
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The Mjh Group also provides consultancy and training in digital marketing for the hospitality industry.
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